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Player Billing is available from the Director's Menu. Only staff members with "Director" status have access to the Player Billing feature.

The system allows for parents to make payments online via Paypal. The parent does not need to have a Paypal account in order to make payments to the club. Paypal just handles the processing of the payment. Clubs do need to have a Paypal account in order to have Paypal process payments in their behalf. Furthermore, the club must be set up to receive website payments via Paypal. Our staff will help your club set up the Paypal account. All credit card payments made to your club go directly to your Paypal account. It is up to your club to contact Paypal to make the transfer from Paypal to your own bank account. Our system does interface with Paypal, so as to post the payment to the account of the player making the payment.

Below is acopy of the Players Billing screen. The screen is made up of 8 separate panels that handle the entire player billing process. Each panel handles a specific feature of the Player Billing. Below we will list each panel.

To view the function each panel serves, please click on the links below:

Panel #1 - Create Player Invoices
Panel #2 - Player Accounting Reports
Panel #3 - Post Player Payments - Check and cash payments only
Panel #4 - Process Credit Card Payments - Paypal payments only
Panel #5 - Edit a Player's Invoices
Panel #6 - Post a Previously Deposited Payment - either cash, check or credit card
Panel #7 - List of Checks Ready for Deposit
Panel #8 - Email Bills to Players

Demo Club Player Billing

This is the main Player Billing screen. From this screen you can handle the generation of invoices as well as the processing for all payments. All player billing functions are handle from this screen

Create Player Invoices
Click here to generate Player Invoices
Player Accounting Reports
Post Player Payments

Select a Player:

Process Credit Card payment

Select a Player:
Reconcile Paypal Payments

Edit a Player's Invoice

At the present there are not players active in this program

Post an Already Deposited Check

Select a check:
List Checks Ready for Deposit
Email Bills to Players
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