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The system creates most of the invoices from information provided by the Club Director at the time that a training program is set up.

The system does allow the club's staff to individually bill players for items such as apparel, special classes, additional air fare, etc. Basically charges that are unique and incidental to the training process. This feature is available under the Individual Billing option

The system also provides a manual Mass Billing option. Mass Billing is used to creates invoices that affect the entire club. For instance, a monthly tuition fee is an item that most club players will have to pay. Club Registration is another example of a Mass Billing type category.

The Mass Billing option is somewhat superflous, in that it duplicates the internal automatic invoice generation used by the system. Running the Mass Billing option causes the system to review every single invoice in the system for that particular category. If the player has already paid the invoice, then the system ignores that invoice for that player. If the player has not paid the invoice for the category being Mass Billed, then the system makes sure that the existing invoice is correct. If it is, then the existing invoice is left alone and the system goes to the next player. If the existing invoice is not accurate, then the system corrects the invoice. If the player was missing an invoice for the category, then the system will create the invoice. At no time will the system create a duplicate invoice. As a Club Director, you are able to run the Mass Billing for any one category as often as you wish.

Please click on the Individual Billing option on the demo screen. For the purpose of the demonstration, the Mass Billing is not active

Demo Club Bill a Category or a Player

Individual Billing allows you to bill one or more club players for the same general item..

Mass Billing bills the entire club for the same fee category. If the player was already billed for the fee in question, the system will just verify that the correct amount was billed. You can run the Mass Billing for any one category as often as you wish, no duplicate invoices will be created.

Individual Billing - Billing a few players for a special item

Individual Billing

Mass Billing - Select a Category to Bill