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Only Directors Can Send Mass Emails
The Mass Email feature is only available to club staff with Director status. The Mass Email feature can only be accessed from the Director's Menu Screen. The system has three levels of "coaches":

Coach status is assigned to club staff whose resposibilities within the club are limited to coaching teams.
Master status is assigned to club staff whose responsibilities within the club extend beyond coaching to overseeing other coaches in the area of training and drill selections - some clubs may not have Master coaches.
Director status is assigned to any staff member responsible for the management of the club. A Director may also have coaching responsibilities.
Email Directories Set Up Automatically
Once the players and coaches register, the system is able to set email directories using the information entered at registration time. Once you assigned the players to teams, the system automatically sets up your club's email directory by team

Terminology Clarification:
Registered Players are players that have registered for a specific program and have not been assigned to a team. Players assigned to teams will maintain their "registered" status until they accept their team assignment. Registered players are not official members of your club. You can Mass Email Registered players
Active Players are players that you have assigned to a team and they have ACCEPTED their team assignment.

Since most of your Mass Emails will be to Active Players or their parents, let's look at how the Active Players emails are handled.

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