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Demo For This Feature Is Not Fully Developed

At the present we are doing a complete re-write of this feature. The feature will be released in its new format by Mid-November, so as to be ready for use during the coming season.

Multiple Practice Schedule Templates Will Be Available

There will be practice schedule templates for clubs with the same schedule from week to week. In this case the club would set the calendar for the first week, and the system would continue to repeat the same schedule, unless changed by the club.

There will a practice schedule template for clubs with multiple facilities and schedules that change from week to week. For clubs with variable weekly schedule, an option of showing schedule by team will be available.

Immediate Notification of Practice Schedule Changes

Anytime the Practice Schedule is modified during the month the system immediately notifies every parent, player and coach affected by that change via email. (We are looking at the possibility of using TEXT MESSAGING to provide the alert instead of emails).

Player Attendance/Coach Attendance/Practice Status Report

Every coach will be emailed the morning after their team practice requesting player attendance information. Upon receipt of the email, the coach will click on a link available in the email. A page will open with all the names of the team players. The coach will then report the attendance for each player.

The coach will also be requested to provide attendance information for each coach assigned to the team.

A third panel on the report would require the coach to report any incident that took place during the practice (such as player injuries, parent's complaints, damaged equipment, site problems, etc). Any problem reported by the coach immediately appears in the Director's Menu Screen as an Action Item.

Report of Tournament Results

The week before a tournament, each coach will receive an email with a "Match Results Report" form. The coach will use this form to record all of the results from the tournament. The day after the tournament concludes, the coach will receive another email requesting that all results be entered into the system. The email will contain a link to the tournament Result Entry Screen. All results information will be available for downloading to either AES or SUTP.