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All Participants Must Register
All participants including your players, your coaches and your office staff.

Registration Data Is Customized To Your Club's Requirements
The data requested includes all the information required by Sign-Up-To-Play (SUTP) and Advanced Events Systems (AES). In addition, there is information required to operate the system, and information that your club may require to operate. This last option allows for the registration to be customized to your club.

Registration Data Is Kept Up To Date
The system requires the player to register for each and every training program your club offers. This forces the player to review and keep up-to-date all registration information provided to your club.

USAV Age Requirements Are Enforced
The system evaluates the player's age and provides the player with the tryout times for the player's age, as stipulated by USAV rules. Once you assign the player to a team, the system checks to make sure that the player is legal to play on that team.

Fees Can Be Paid Online At Registration Time
As you set up your training programs, certain fees such as tryout fees, camp fees, private lesson fees, etc. may be set up for online payment at the time that the player registers to attend the training program.

Player Registration Step #1:
The system first checks to see if the player is already in the system. This is done by entering the player's name and date of birth.

For the purpose of this demonstration, we will use the fictional player Lulu Toones.

Club Demo Online Registration

Step No.1 - Let's locate your information: First Name: Last Name:

Birthday: Month Day Year

registered players can print forms or view tryout times information.

By registering with OUR CLUB you are simply registering your information with us. You are not committing to play with Our Club, and neither is Our Club assuring a spot for you

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